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Executive Board

Meet our executive board for 2024

IMG_2961 4.jpg

Brady Teichman


IMG_2958 5.jpg

Nina Busch

VP Consulting

IMG_2962 4.jpg

Maddy Meyer

VP Recruitment

IMG_2964 4.jpg

Tanisha Panchal

VP Consulting

IMG_2963 4.jpg

Michael Lapin

VP Recruitment

IMG_2960 4.jpg

Jaime Salmonson

VP Marketing

IMG_2966 4.jpg

VP Social

Naina Nagar

IMG_2959 4.jpg

VP Finance

Jackson Murray

Our executive team is all about providing programs that allow members to experience leadership by collaborating with real-world clients.  We, as an organization, learn by connecting with upperclassmen through coffee chats and senior lectures for guidance on future academic and professional paths.

Furthermore, network with alumni from top companies such as Deloitte, Accenture, and PWC.  Through our advanced program, we earn the privilege of traveling to Detroit to work with more of these established companies.


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